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A flippable medium-firm organic latex mattress featuring an integrated wave™ pillow top for pressure point relief and optimal, even support. 7.5″ Profile

Comfort Cooling Mattress Support


Firm, responsive support organic latex mattress with an integrated pillow top and Nouveau™ cushion quilting, for an overall medium-firm comfort profile. 10.5″ Profile

Organicpedic Lago Nouveau Organic Bed


A flippable low-profile, Japanese-style, organic latex mattress ideally suited for sleepers preferring firm support. A bestseller for over 15 years. 7″ Profile

Midori Full 2


A fully customizable organic latex mattress with dual comfort zones for couples. Easily adjustable, featuring individual latex layers and a zippered cover. 10.5″ Profile

Duo Lifestyle 2 1200X.progressive 359B92F3 C08B 41Db 8Da7


A medium comfort organic latex mattress featuring our exclusive floating pillow top, cushioned construction. 12″ Profile

An ideal, pure organic sleeping environment. Available in innerspring or organic latex, in firm comfort for cribs and bassinets. 5-6″ Profile

The perfect transitional organic latex mattress for your growing child. Available in firm comfort, with an optional 1.5″ pillow top for added cushioning. 4″ Profile

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