Tempur-Pedic® and Other Memory Foam Mattress Competitors vs. Selectabed® Memory Foam Mattresses

Not all memory foam mattresses are created equal! Hundreds of retailers and distributors make similar claims about their memory foam products, so it is paramount for consumers to understand exactly what they are buying by doing a bit of research and by asking the right questions. Here, we hope to help you with your decision-making by providing some useful information about how Selectabed’s memory foam beds and toppers compare to Tempur-Pedic and other competitors.

Both Tempur-Pedic® and Selectabed® use memory foam derived from NASA’s original formulation

Tempur-Pedic was the first to bring NASA created memory foam to the consumer market place. They have named their memory foam Tempur™ and they also produce their memory foam in the U.S. Here at Selectabed, we not only use the highest quality 100% U.S. made memory foam, but we were the first to pioneer the concept of using different densities of memory foam when we rolled out our Tri-Pedic memory foam mattress back in 2002. Back then, Tempur-Pedic® was using memory foam with a density over 5 lbs. per cubic foot. (Anything over 5 lbs. is considered a high-density memory foam which is very durable and temperature sensitive.) While we used a very similar feeling and supportive over 5lb. density memory foam, with enough of a durability to allow us to offer a 30-year warranty, we also utilized a 4 lb. density memory foam as a top layer to avoid the temperature sensitivity found in 5lb. density memory foam. The extra viscosity of 5lb. or greater density memory foam, will cause the foam to feel too firm and harden up with a drop in room temperature. This can also be a problem, in that changing positions at night may feel like rolling out of a hole onto a hard slab. Eventually your body heat softens the memory foam again, but the response time may be enough to interrupt your sleep. In more recent times, Tempur-Pedic® has also come out with their Tempur-Cloud® series, which also offers the same top two layer configuration of our original Tri-Pedic by layering 4lb. over 5lb. density memory foam.

We offer an optional Patented Airflow Transfer System™ and breathable cover system to help keep you cooler at night!

One of the main complaints about memory foam mattresses are that they are too hot. The memory foam cradles around the body too much and does not allow heat to escape. Our patented Airflow Transfer System solves this problem by allowing the mattress to “breathe.” Warmer air is transferred away from the body, and cooler air is drawn into the mattress all the way to the surface, as you move and breathe throughout the night. Some mattresses may claim to have ventilation on the surface, but with no airflow channels underneath, there can be no open circulation effect. Other mattresses claim to have airflow underneath the memory foam, but it is a well known fact that good quality, high density memory foam does not breath well. Also, unlike other competitors, our covers and mattress protectors are not backed with a waterproof material that will cut down on the breathability of the mattress. Our mattress covers and protectors are both hypoallergenic and extremely breathable, and do not interfere with the mattress’s ability to conform to your body. They are also dust mite free and can be easily removed and washed.

We use CertiPUR certified memory foam

All of our foam is made in the U.S. and CertiPUR certified for independent health and environmentally safe quality assurance.

We offer complete customization and can build any mattress to your exact specifications.

Other mattress competitors offer a limited range of memory foam mattresses and toppers. At Selectabed.com, we can configure any layering style, thickness and shape of memory foam you desire. We specialize in custom mattresses!

We allow you to use the foundation of your choice. where other competitors require you to buy their foundation if you want to keep the mattress warranty valid.

Many competitors require that you buy their foundation when your purchase a mattress if you want to receive warranty coverage. At Selectabed, you are free to use the foundation of your choice. You can purchase one from us if you like; but as long as your foundation meets our guidelines, you receive full warranty protection for the life of your mattress.

We keep our overhead low and pass the savings along to you.

As a factory-direct manufacturer, Selectabed offers significant cost savings to our customers. We eliminate the middle man, and we also don’t pay for fancy retail stores or high-priced advertising campaigns. We choose instead to pass our overhead savings along to our customers.

* Tempur-Pedic® is a registered trademark and property of Tempur-Pedic® North America, LLC. All references to Tempur-Pedic® are strictly for comparison purposes. Tempur-Pedic® is a registered trademark of Dan-Foam A/S Corporation. We don’t sell the Tempur-Pedic® brand, and are not affiliated with Tempur-Pedic® in any way. The information on this site with regard to Tempur-Pedic® is for comparison purposes only.