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179 reviews

very helpful and knowledgeable.

“Stephanie was my sales person over the phone, she was knowledgeable, patient and helpful. I’m HOPING the bed performs like the sales person… so far so good!”


This mattress is amazing!!

“My husband and I purchased a split eastern king 850 mattress with airflow transfer system!!! This mattress is amazing!! I love that it has 3 air chambers.. It is so comfortable! I have a lot of back problems and now I can sleep without being in pain all night!! I would highly recommend this mattress to anyone!! We talked with Brian over phone and he was great!! It was a little nerve-racking because we live in Ohio and was ordering this mattress over the phone!! But everything worked out perfectly! Looking for mattress check out this company!! I definitely would buy from them again!!”

Paisley-Davis Helen


“My husband and I needed to switch from a water bed. We didn’t really want a regular mattress, a water bed spoils you, and we have had one for over forty years. I searched around on the internet, and came up with three companies, after reading and comparing I chose Selectabed. We live in Northern MI and I called them in CA and they had a salesman call me back very quickly and I was lucky enough to get Gerald Misemer. The first call lasted maybe an hour. He asked what I was looking for and made several choices for us. I always think about things for 24 hours minimum before making a decision. He followed up with an email, NO PRESSURE, and I ended up calling him again with more questions. This call lasted maybe an hour an a half or more. He never thought my questions were unimportant, explained everything, an offered several choices on the adjustable bed frame. This was great for us since we are on a fixed income. He ended up working with me for about 3 or more weeks, confirming any more questions by email, and again NEVER ANY PRESSURE.
We don’t have the bed yet, but from the service I have already received we have no doubts if we need anything, they will come thru with flying colors. Gerald explained everything and what they will do to help us if any problems. Very honest.
SELECTABED knows the value of CUSTOMER SERVICE from the get go. In this day and age, even though we were not right there in their store, they showed us respect and valued us as a customer (not a number) and that they have great knowledge of their products.

I will follow up after we get our bed just to let you know how it goes, but I have no doubt it will be another glowing review.

Thank you Gerald Misemer it is a pleasure doing business with you. Wished there were more of you in this world, I’m sure the rest of the staff is as great as you from the other reviews I have read.

PS We are getting the Queen air pedic 400

Gloria H, Mancelona MI

Amazing Customer Service!

“I had been going back and forth between air pedic and sleep # bed. When I called Gerald did an amazing job telling me the differences and explaining everything in detail. I did not feel any pressure at all. I felt like he was giving me honest information and that he truly wanted me to get a product that would work best for my needs. I am confident I made the right decision to go with air pedic and I am super excited to sleep in my new bed!”


Love this mattress…

“Excellent consumer service. We love the memory foam mattresses we purchased! “


New mattress

“Mattress arrived in about 4 weeks. We received a call from the shipping /set up company to schedule an installation time. They were prompt and bed set up was efficient. Works just as advertised so my husband’s side is very firm and my side is much softer in the middle section for my proper back alignment. All without any uncomfortable barrier between us. Still finding my perfect setting but so far seem to be sleeping with less back and hip pain!”


Outstanding Experience

“I researched this and other air-mattress companies for weeks before our purchase. I only found “ONE” compliant (that was resolved) over the entire internet! I know why! You get personal customer care, no pressure sales, and NO email ads!! Juan was just wonderful, I exchanged several email and phone conversations prior to our purchase, he was patient, thorough, and friendly! Ask for Juan you will not be disappointed!! We are looking froward to getting our bed and having better nights sleep!!
Thank You Juan!! “



“Great customer service! I don’t know how many times I called with questions. It is very scary to make such a large purchase online. Every time I called they were patient and polite. I just received my bed today. I can’t wait until tonight!”


Replacing a 15 Serta Air mattress with an Selectabed Airpidec.

“Dealing with Selectabed has been a very pleasant experience. I had a difficult shopping discussion to make. I loved the Serta Air mattress that I had used for 15 years but they no longer manufactured them so parts were not available. So I started looking at the Sleep Number bed. Their sales technique and pricing was a big turn off for me. The Selectabed features were very appealing. A 30 year warranty, a urethane liner, shipped assembled, and a better price were all features that appealed to me. So far I have only slept on my new 400-7EK-AF Air-Pedic 400 Series Mattress Eastern King size with Airflow Transfer System mattress a few nights but it has performed exactly as I expected.”


Two thumbs up

“Juan was great at answering all my questions and made sure to reassure for such a big purchase. “


Professional Service

“Juan was very easy to work with and knowledgeable of your products and various options. I will be recommending Selectabed to our friends and family. “


Yelp Reviews

Mattress Testimonials

The following are just a few testimonials from some of our customers:

“Hi Rick, wanted to let you know we had received the Air-Pedic mattress from Selectabed. Even though we haven’t had it long, I’ve slept on it enough to know it’s going to work out fine, and I’m going to enjoy it. We’ve had a sleep number mattress for 15 yrs, and have to admit really liked it until the last year or so. Then I’d started noticing when I slept on my side, my hips really bothered me, and my husband kept having lower back issues. Even though we could adjust the air pressure, we decided neither of us were really getting the additional support we needed in that region of our bodies. Thus, when starting to look for new mattresses I came upon Selectabed. It makes such a big difference being able to have a separate zone for the lumbar region. So far, I’m finding I’m setting it about 15 degrees more air in the lumbar zone than the others, and I can definitely tell a difference in providing the support I need, my husband believes he’s telling a difference with his back also. It made us feel better knowing a Chiropractor designed it…made sense!

The other difference between this and the sleep number that I’m really enjoying is the airflow transfer system to prevent heat buildup. I’m definitely tossing and turning a lot less at night trying to find a cooler area of the mattress in which to get comfortable, so it must be doing what it’s supposed to.

Something else I found interesting. When we took the old sleep number mattress apart to move into our guest room we found considerable mold/mildew on the foam that lies over the air baffles. Could not believe it, don’t know how it got there, or for how long, and I hate the thought that I was spending hours a night just a few inches away from it! We threw it out and replaced it with a new sheet of foam, but now I’ll feel I need to keep checking on it to see if/when it happens again.

One last thing I want to tell you is that ya’ll have fantastic customer service. When I first started researching the mattress and had questions, if the person I was talking with didn’t have the answers you personally called back with them…even in the evening, after I would have thought you had left for the day. You even gave me a cell # if I had more questions and needed to reach you and the office was closed! That’s hard to believe in this day and time where so much customer service is non-existent.

Thank you again for providing such a good mattress, and I hope to be enjoying this one for another 15 yrsJ.”

Carla Workman (previous Sleep Number owner).

“As a doctor of obstetrics, I know first hand how important good sleep for a person. That is why I initially purchased the Tempur-Pedic. Unfortunately, I found the Tempur-Pedic a little hard on my hips. Then I purchased the Soft-Pedic mattress at Selectabed.com and felt immediate pressure reduction on my hips and was able to sleep better than ever! I now recommend this mattress to my patients who have hip or shoulder pain.”
Dr. Dawn Kopel, CT

“Just a note to say the split king bed arrived yesterday and we had our first night’s sleep on it. IT IS AMAZING and we wonder why we didn’t look into this type bed a long time ago. Of course, we have only had it less than a day but we feel confident enough to send this EMail praising the product after a (very short) test period. We will, of course, let you know our
thoughts about the product as time goes on. You should also know that the
two people from Cleveland, OH. who delivered and set up the bed were excellent, courteous, and professional.”

Brenton Massie

“So my mattress was getting seriously long in the tooth and it has totally lost its comfort causing me to constantly toss and turn throughout the night. The lack of a good night’s sleep was really affecting my performance during the day and I was sick and tired of being exhausted all the time.

Now anyone who knows me knows that it literally takes me weeks and weeks of research before I make a purchase in which I have to live with a product for years to come. I have been curious about the Sleep Number beds since I first saw Lindsay Wagner advertise for them years back. I figured if it’s good enough for the Bionic Woman it’s got to be good enough for me, LOL.

I went to the Sherman Oaks Sleep Number shop and tested out some of their models. I liked the feel of the more luxurious i8, i10 and M7, but when I lowered the my number from 100 to a more comfortable 70, I felt like my lower back was not supported too well. That’s a real problem for me, since I have had back pain on and off for way too many years and I think aside from my stupidity during my youth ( you know what I’m talking about. We’ve all had the “hey I wonder what would happen if I jumped out of the second
story building onto the snow beneath me!” moments) my mattress has been the

Anyway, during my research I was comparing Sleep Number to Selectabed’s Air-Pedic mattress. I watched the Air-Pedic video on their site and was curious about whether having control over the air pressure separately in the middle zone would really support my back better (they make a good case for their mattresses over the Sleep Number beds). I made an appointment to see the mattress in their factory showroom in Westlake Village.

I was running a bit late and got caught up in the L.A. traffic, so showed up about an hour late to my appointment, but Rick, who happens to be the product designer still took the time to spend with me and go over
everything. They have a Sleep Number comparison to the i10 called the Air-Pedic 1000 that felt very similar when I first laid down, but more importantly, it was crazy what a difference you can feel when you lower the shoulder and leg pressure zones, but increase the pressure in the middle zone. This setting applies serious support to your lower back. It was like
adjusting the lumbar support in my car, but way more comfortable.

The only slight negative I had was that the remote took me a few tries to realize that you have to hold the button down for like a half second before it does the adjustments to lower or raise the pressure. If you continue to hold down the up or down arrow you can make large adjustments to the pressure, if you hold it down for that half second only it will change in single increments. Once I figured out my optimal setting (54 for my legs and shoulders and 73 for my low back), Rick confirmed that the alignment of my spine looked good (he’s actually a Chiropractor, so I figured he probably has a better take on this than the Sleep Number sales person who seemed to think that I would be in alignment no matter what number I chose).

Rick also explained to me the little details like how they fuse the air compartments in a manner which makes the chambers incredibly strong. Anyone of you who actually knows me knows that I’m a bull in a china shop and if it’s stronger, it’s for me. While Rick was babbling on about some technical mumbo-jumbo about all the other advantages of the Air-Pedic over the competition, I practically fell asleep (now I know what they mean about sleeping on a cloud). Anyway, that is all it took for me to make the purchase.

I must also point out that I saved a considerable amount of money over the Sleep Number i10 bed (they are also currently offering financing
for 18 months at 0%).

Each bed is made to order and I am cool with that, since I know that I am not getting a brand new mattress and not some musty old left over from last year’s model.

If you’re looking to get a new mattress or ready for an upgrade I would highly recommend giving these guys a shot. You will not be disappointed with the service, comfort, and the savings.

I cannot wait to get some serious ZZZs when it arrives!”

Kashy D., Sherman Oaks, CA

“Just a note to say that the mattress I bought from you guys four years ago has held up perfectly during that time, and is by far the best mattress I’ve ever owned.

As I mentioned, a friend who has a back problem took a nap on it and said that unlike his regular mattress, his back didn’t bother him while he was on it. The other memory-foam mattress that I mentioned owning didn’t hold a candle to the Tri-Pedic, as it sagged within a a couple of years.

The Tri-Pedic is a phenomenal mattress, and I say that after trying many different mattresses over the years from inner spring to foam. Nothing I’ve tried compares to the one I own now.

Congratulations on a great product!”

William Dwyer, Hayward, California

“Hi Jordan,

Thank you very much for taking my order for a Tripedic Diamond King Mattress on 1/11/14. My wife and I have found the mattress to be of excellent quality – equal, or even surpassing that of the highly advertised “Pedic.”
We are retired and have slept on many mattresses in our time and agree that the Tripedic Diamond is, by far, the best mattress that we have ever slept on!

I also appreciate the manner in which you represented the product and answered my many questions before ordering. (At least 3 phone calls) I was leery about buying a mattress and then have it shipped across the country, but your friendly, “no-pressure” information gave me confidence to place the order. It worked out great!

So, thanks again to you and your company for the fine product – we love it!”

Dave & Nancy Braski Kingston, TN

“My thanks to you, Dr. Swartzburg, for the amazing Fibro-Pedic mattress. I have had my mattress for three months. It is an answer to a prayer. I am 87 years old and had bought three of the most expensive mattresses on the market and could not get a comfortable night’s sleep. From day one this mattress has been a joy to retire to at night, knowing I would be able to rest and sleep comfortably. Also, the Therapain spray gives instant relief. I have had fibromyalgia for 20 years and it gets worse as time goes on. So, you can see that I was desperate for some relief. Thanks again.” -Catherine T. Walker, MS
Catherine T. Walker, MS

“Not only do my wife and I love our Tri-Pedic, but the very first night we slept on it, my formally restless dog (who also sleeps with us), didn’t move once the whole night! As a nutritional researcher and fitness expert, I can tell you that I did my homework before purchasing the Tri-Pedic, and it stands apart from the rest of the pack. We can honestly say that it has given us the best sleep we have ever had.”
Brad King, M.S., MFS, Canada, www.fatwars.com

“My son loves his Tri-Pedic so much, that he calls it his slice of heaven!”
Harry Zimmerman, CA

“I purchased a Tri-Pedic about a year ago and in the first few weeks my back has never felt better in many years until I purchased a bed from you and tried it. I can’t believe the relief that I got from this mattress. I just love it and would purchase another one when and if this one ever wears out. I have bad discs in my back and I suffer from chronic back pain. I just can’t believe that the pain has gone away since using this bed. Thank you so much.”
Joe DeLisio Sr., NY

“I am e-mailing to say thanks again for your assistance with our purchase. I also wanted to tell you it was worth the wait. I don’t know what has changed with the mattress design/structure since we had last purchased our queen bed from Selectabed. But the king definitely feels more comfortable. Wow! A definite difference! Thanks again to Selectabed for a great product! Keep up the GOOD WORK! A very satisfied customer!” (Note: Between the time Charlie and Sandy ordered their first Tri-Pedic and their 2nd Tri-Pedic, we had a design change that increased the mattress thickness from 8 inches to 9 inches.)

Charlie and Sandy Stephan, Reading, PA

“My husband and I wanted to purchase a mattress for our RV. After laying on the Fibro-Pedic and Tri-Pedic, it was almost a coin toss as to which one was the most comfortable. My husband and I decided on the Fibro-Pedic because we didn’t want to get up after laying on it! My husband was having hip pain, but since using the mattress the pain is gone. We will be purchasing one for our home in the near future.”
Mona Yoder, SD

“My wife and I thank you for our memory foam mattress. This mattress is so comfortable that we can’t think of a time we ever slept like this. On this mattress we don’t toss and turn and we don’t get hot lying on the mattress. We would recommend these memory foam mattresses from Relief-Mart for the best sleep a person could experience. On a personal note, we also want to thank you for your time that you spent on the phone to get us the correct memory foam mattress that you felt would fit our needs.”
James Carlock, AR

“I Just wanted to send an email to let you know the crew onboard are more than satisfied with the mattresses. I also wanted to put in an order for six more if possible. Thank you.” -SK1 Marcos Campos, USCGC GEORGE COBB (Coast Guard Vessel)
SK1 Marcos Campos, USCGC GEORGE COBB (Coast Guard Vessel)

“The whole ship loves the mattresses. People are really pleased with them. We have finished one entire patrol since we have received them and we no longer have the complaints about the poor mattress conditions. Overall I am glad that we choose these because of how well they worked out.”
ENS Greg Batchelder

“My wife and I purchased a king size Soft-Pedic mattress and foundation. We were originally considering other name brand mattresses and a little apprehensive about purchasing online, but we’re very happy that we decided on the Selectabed mattress. The quality of the mattress and the delivery service were as advertised and we saved a significant amount of money over the name brand mattress. Our Selectabed representative was extremely helpful in assisting us in choosing the right model. We’ve had the Soft-Pedic for only two weeks and we’re already experiencing much better sleep than we did with our old inner-spring mattress.”
Tom, Paramus, NJ

“After a few nights sleeping on the bed in our RV, my back would ache. I began to dread going away on longer trips. We replaced the original manufacturer’s bed with an RV-Queen Tri-Pedic from Selectabed. What a difference! The mattress gives me a great night’s sleep and I wake up refreshed — no aching back. I had heard that some memory foam mattresses could be hot to sleep on. Our last trip had temperatures in the 100s and yet the mattress did not feel hot at all.”
Willie, Arroyo Grande, CA

“After working with the Highway Patrol, I injured my back very substantially. Now that I am using the Tri-Pedic memory foam mattress, I am able to sleep better through the night and wake up with my back feeling good again.”
Phil Strenkowski, CA

“As a young sufferer of fibromyalgia I experienced many mornings of waking up in pain. After testing a Tempur-Pedic I knew memory foam would help my condition, but I could not afford the expensive prices. That’s when I found Selectabed! With Dr. Swartzburg’s guidance, I was able to find a memory foam mattress perfect for me. And better yet, it was a fraction of the cost of a Tempur-Pedic. Although the fibro can’t be cured, I take comfort in knowing that there ARE products out there that can help the pain!”
Kim Rodgers, Los Angeles, CA

“I recently purchased a Leggett and Platt adjustable bed with the latex/memory foam mattress. It was the best investment I ever made. I am recovering from spinal fusion surgery. Dr. Rick suggested the type of mattress I should get and highly recommended the Leggett and Platt frame. I am very happy with the mattress and frame. I just wanted to thank everyone at Selectabed for their help and advice. I would highly recommend this mattress and frame to anyone seeking a completely satisfying sleeping experience. I have the king size set up, which is the two twin XL frames and mattresses. They operate so quietly that you can’t even hear the motors when adjusting the bed. I have already recommended this bed to several of my friends. When they came over and tried the bed they agreed it was the most comfortable bed they ever tried. What a relief! Thanks again.”
Steve Matyi, LA

“The new mattresses arrived on Tuesday and we are absolutely delighted. My husband and I both agree that these are the most comfortable mattresses we have ever slept on. They are soft, yet provide just the right amount of support. It is like sleeping on a cloud. Coupled with the S-Cape II adjustable bed frames, you have created the perfect sleep system for us. We have never felt so well-rested as we have the last three mornings. Thank you so much for custom designing these mattresses for us. We would not hesitate to recommend Selectabed.com to our friends. Your customer service and follow-up was outstanding. Home delivery and set-up was also flawless. Again, many thanks for what I am sure will be many nights of restful sleep.”
Sheila and Sonny Benton

“I LOVE OUR BED! It’s like sleeping on a perfectly supportive cloud. I’ve tried the competitors’ mattresses — everything from a traditional innerspring to gel to the air bed that claims perfection for everyone — and this Soft-Pedic is a thousand times better. I haven’t woken up with back pain since we got it and sleep through the night more. Our bed salesman was wonderfully helpful. He answered my plentiful questions in a timely fashion.”
Lisa Riggins

“You’ll probably remember us. We live in North Carolina and ordered the Tri-Pedic that took eight weeks and then you had a foam sent to us to put under the mattress to make it a little softer. Well, everything is in place now and we love our bed. Being 54 years old, I thought the morning stiffness and pain in my hips was just a sign of advancing age. I have neither of those problems now and am sleeping more soundly. My wife is happy with the bed as well. Thanks so much for following up with me regarding the foam and for making sure we got what we needed for our individual situation. Thanks again.”
Bruce Shafer, NC

“My wife and I purchased a non-name-brand memory foam bed about 4 years ago and as time went on were extremely disappointed with the bed. There were soon big divots in the bed where we slept and when you crawled in bed you almost fell into these holes. The manufacturer refused to cover with any warranty. We decided to replace the bed but were very skeptical of buying another bed on the internet. We visited several bed stores and laid on the ‘well advertised’ memory foam bed. One store even accidentally told us their dealer cost. We were astonished at the mark-up. It was about this time that we found your establishment on the internet and it became apparent that your business is legitimate and you stand by your product. We visited with your sales department twice on the phone before making a purchase. We bought the Tri-Pedic as well as purchasing two excellent pillows. The bed arrived as promised and is perfect. We are sleeping much better and can not tell the difference between this bed and the ‘well advertised’ bed.”
Stephen Boyles

“We received our new mattress yesterday and just by chance we also received our new bed frame. We LOVE the new mattress! You were right, it is perfect for those with hip, back and joint pain. I would recommend this bed to everyone. I can’t believe how wonderful it contours to your body. We are extremely happy with it and thank you for all of your help in deciding on this Soft-Pedic!”
Denise T., Crescent, PA

“I purchased a Tri-Pedic and I want to tell you that the mattress is absolutely perfect…Love it love it love it! I also wanted to thank you very much for getting me to buy the mattress. I really wasn’t going to buy one I was just very curious. (age 54.5 and still can ride motocross…and my back feels even better!)”
Larry Cook

“These are the best-ever mattresses… cool and always comfortable… I can/will never go back to the old ‘poke-you-in -the-back’ spring mattresses again! I have not heard ANY comments other than how wonderful a night’s sleep was had by all…not too hard; not too soft; …just RIGHT! Thanks to Jim for making this happen…. I recommend this company to anyone… esp., within the NOAA Fleet!” Cheers!

“I have never slept so well. These are great. Thank you.”

“Best night’s sleep I’ve had since I’ve been on the ship.”
Roger Stone, CB, NOAA Ship Kaimimoana

“I think these new mattresses are the best improvement in quality of life overall this year. If given a choice between Internet at sea and a good night’s sleep, I would choose the sleep. I no longer wake up with back pain. Thanks.”

“I wanted to write and give you some feedback on the mattress. They are a HUGE hit! Everyone cannot say enough about how much better they are sleeping and how refreshed they feel when they rise. Personally, I sleep much sounder and my back and shoulder pain is gone. I don’t think I could ever go back to a regular mattress. Word is spreading as well.”
Ben LaCour

#1 Ranked in Customer Service + Low Factory-direct Prices!

By being the manufacturer, as well as collaborating with other specialty mattress manufacturers (including the largest foam distributors), and having extensive experience in comfort and pain relief sleep products, from our parent company Custom Comfort Mattress – we promise you the lowest prices and the highest quality mattresses available on the market today!