A Healthy Mattress

We use only the highest quality materials to ensure that your sleep is both comfortable AND safe!

At Selectabed, we go the extra mile to make sure that you get a completely healthy sleep experience. Many other companies will try to cut corners by using lower quality materials. But not at Selectabed. We are committed to using only the healthiest and highest quality materials and manufacturing processes available, to ensure that your sleep is non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and 100% safe.

Environmentally friendly fire resistant socking

We offer the safest and most ecologically sustainable fire socking that covers our mattress foam to offer a natural inherent fire protection. Other competitors will use chemicals like antimony, chlorine, bromine and lead, but our biodegradable and ecologically friendly fire socking naturally meets all safety requirements and is free of these dangerous chemicals.

Solvent-free adhesives

We use a GreenGuard approved water-based adhesive that has been certified for indoor air quality, as well as for children and schools. Many adhesives being used contain noxious chemicals like ammonia or other hazardous air pollutants. Some can even contain the carcinogen formaldehyde. Our GreenGuard certified adhesive does not contain any of these dangerous substances and does not use any solvents.

Highest quality U.S. made memory foam

We proudly use only the highest quality U.S.-made foam, and manufacture all of our mattresses in the U.S. Foam made in the U.S. is subject to more stringent health and safety requirements than many foams manufactured overseas. With so much concern about the release of chemicals into the atmosphere and toxins being absorbed by our bodies, you can feel good knowing that our foam provides a truly hypo-allergenic, environmentally friendly, and non-toxic experience.